Policy on Policies Webinar

Do all of your policies follow one format? Can your staff quickly and efficiently find vital information in your policies? Having a Policy on Policies will help you through your next survey. Accrediting bodies are looking for consistent policy implementation and execution.

If you are responsible for managing or approving policies in your organization, view this master class on building a Policy on Policies with Nita Bowers, PhD.

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4 Reasons to Get MACRA-Ready Now

50% of physicians have never heard of MACRA. In this guide, we provide an overview of MACRA in 2017 along with four reasons to get ready for the transition.

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5 Essential Tips to a Successful Joint Commission Survey

Joint Commission accreditation gives you a competitive edge, but surveys throughout the process can cause stress in the best organizations. In this guide, we highlight five essential tips to help your next survey be successful.

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Return On Investment Calculator

What is policy and procedure management costing your facility? Use our online ROI calculator to find out how much time and money go into your “free” policy management system.

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How Digital Policy Management Can Make Compliance a Competitive Advantage

Does your organization approach surveys with stress and confusion? Maybe it is time to start thinking differently about compliance. This e-book covers everything from common survey mistakes to how potential patients are selecting healthcare providers.

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Applying Digital Policy and Procedure Management Into Your Integrated Care Network

Managing policies and procedures across multiple locations can be a difficult task. Going digital ensures that everyone can see the most up-to-date and compliant policies. This guide walks you through the processes necessary to keep a multi-facility organization's policies compliant.

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4 Key Elements to Successfully Implement Policy and Procedure Management Software

Making changes to policy and procedure management affects all departments in an organization. In this guide, we walk through the four crucial elements to making changes as painless as possible. Use this guide to streamline your implementation and get increased organizational buy-in.

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