Whether you’re leading a skilled nursing, home health, hospice or another post-acute care facility, you’re feeling the pressure of increased regulation. Just meeting regulatory requirements for document management can be overwhelming. But don’t despair, PolicyStat makes documents easier to find, manage and access.

Finally, Policy Manager Software That’s Easy to Use and Implement

You know time is a scarce resource, and we help you use it wisely. Implementing PolicyStat is quick, and access is easy. Your organization will benefit from using an industry-leading, feature-rich policy and procedure management solution with a low overall total cost of ownership. Best of all, it requires little to no IT support. No matter the size of your organization, we can improve your performance when it comes to document management. You help make life easier for others, we help make document management easier for you.

Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs)

The need for better document management in Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) is growing. As you seek to meet some of the same federal regulatory requirements of acute care facilities, and often with fewer resources, a policy management tool can greatly help. If you are using a shared drive, Intranet, or even binder setup for managing documents, you will ultimately drain resources and stifle organizational goals. Take the first step to better document management today by scheduling a PolicyStat demo.

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Home Health and Hospice Organizations

As a home health or hospice organization, it is crucial that your policies, procedures, and other documents are updated and accessible by all staff, particularly those who may be working remotely.

PolicyStat’s solution is accessible on any web-enabled device, which means your staff can securely access current policies on their smartphone or tablet at any time while they are in the field. Our system requires minimal, and sometimes no IT/IS setup or maintenance on your end. This helps you and your staff focus more on providing exceptional care.

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Post-Acute Facilities, whether standalone or part of a broader health network, can reap tangible benefits from PolicyStat:

When you partner with PolicyStat, you can promote consistency in care while mitigating risk and reducing resident and client safety incidents. Additionally, PolicyStat’s solution minimizes unnecessary operational costs that lead to inefficiencies, a higher number of errors and lost productivity. Best of all, when you implement the PolicyStat solution, you’re investing in a platform that pays for itself over time while greatly improving outcomes.

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