Risk & Compliance

Smoother Audits

PolicyStat’s powerful hospital policy management software can help your hospital or integrated health network achieve Joint Commission accreditation and HIPAA compliance, and more. The powerful software-as-a-service solution can filter search results by audit, helping you avoid anxiety associated with finding and organizing all necessary policies and procedures for an audit at your hospital.

Mitigated Risk

PolicyStat helps both hospitals and their caregivers mitigate risk through its “Acknowledgments” feature. By creating a review set, risk managers can make sure each caregiver has “read and understood” a particular policy or procedure. The software will even send out periodic reminders to staff letting them know they have not yet read and acknowledged a policy.


No Maintenance or Setup Required

PolicyStat is a software-as-a-service policy management solution, meaning IT or IS managers will save the time and money required to build and maintain an on-premise application such as Microsoft Sharepoint. PolicyStat’s software engineering team releases updates every two weeks to improve usability and implement new features based on customer feedback. All you need to do is put a link to PolicyStat on your company’s intranet, and staff members can access the web-based system via a secure login.


A true software-as-a-service offering, PolicyStat requires no hardware or software and is accessible via the Web using a desktop, laptop, smartphone or any other web-capable device. Documents are formatted in HTML (by the PolicyStat team) so they can be easily searchable and edited right in the PolicyStat system.

99% Uptime Availability

IT and IS managers can feel good about choosing PolicyStat – with multiple redundant servers across geographically separated datacenters, your hospital or health system’s policies and procedures will always be available. In the event your hospital’s internet fails, we offer two different backup options to restore access to your policies and procedures.


Automated Tasks

Nurses in charge of managing hundreds or even thousands of policies can rest easier knowing manual tasks are now completely automated – approval routing, email notifications, expiration dates and more. We know you’re busy, so we’ve made the upfront implementation as quick and easy as possible so your policies are up and running quickly with little effort on your part.

Easy Multi-Department Management

Are you in charge of policies for multiple departments? Don’t worry – PolicyStat’s hospital policy management software is designed to accommodate multiple hospitals, so managing users and policies across multiple departments is no problem at all.


Seamless Integration

PolicyStat will help bring your hospital up-to-date, and it can even integrate with other hospitals, labs and outpatient clinics within your network. Our policy management software for hospitals works seamlessly alongside EMR and other existing systems, and its Google-like searching is so easy to use that staff won’t feel the stress of learning a completely new system.

Quick Implementation to Reach Your Goals Faster

We know you have have a long list of IT priorities, but with our smooth, painless implementation services, we’ll have you up and running quickly so you can begin reaching your goals right away.

  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Promote consistency of care
  • Mitigate risk and reduce patient safety incidents
  • Minimize unnecessary costs of operation
  • Increase overall productivity
  • Integrate and coordinate care across an Accountable Care Organization (ACO)