PolicyStat is a web-based document management application which offers easy access to critical documents from any location. Click on the video to the left to see an overview.

I. Initiation

  • Shows flowchart of approvals
  • Streamlines distribution process for committee reviews
  • Uniquely identifies documents (title, additions)
  • Builds in metadata that will help later when users search (tie to clause, standard, requirement)
  • Maintains master list of documents
  • Enables creation of documents with templates
  • Enables scanning/import of external or existing documents

II. Implementation

  • Notifies users of new/revised documents
  • Enables users to easily create record that they have reviewed new/revised documents
  • Provides documents at point of use, filtered by job title/responsibility (based on login)
  • Ensures current versions of documents, printed documents, have watermark and date
  • Provides advanced search capabilities (e.g., by clause, organization)
  • Accessible via URL from any web-linked computer

III. Review/Revision

  • Provides administrator with dashboard; informs him/her of upcoming reviews at 30-60-90 days
  • Provides structured process for updating
  • Provides visual flowchart of process of reviews/approvals
  • Updates master list
  • Sends notification to users when documents are revised

IV. Archive

  • Differentiates between old versions of existing/in-use documents and retired documents (not in use)
  • Takes old/retired documents out of use and automatically archives them