Developing a Policy Blueprint

What is a policy “Blueprint”?

In the old days, the traditional definition of a blueprint was a type of paper-based reproduction, usually of a technical drawing, documenting an architectural or an engineering design.

Today, the term “blueprint” has come to refer to any detailed plan. As you consider what your policy blueprint might look like, you might think of an outline, a detailed plan or an overall strategy as it relates to your current policies and procedures. This “blueprint” helps organize and address the immense disorder, uncertainty and mayhem facing most hospitals and health systems today.

PolicyStat understands that all hospitals have experienced policy chaos and the stressful environment that this causes. Do you find yourself identifying with some of the following?

  • Policy files on an intranet or shared drive
  • Manual searching and management
  • Policies scattered throughout the hospital
  • Inconsistent policy approval process
  • Insufficient intranet controls
  • Complexity in tracing employee compliance

Eliminate the crisis. With PolicyStat you can build a full lifecycle policy and procedure management software solution that increases productivity, improves quality of care and mitigates risk from the ground up. Contact us today for a consultation and learn how we can help you construct a solid policy framework.