Indiana Orthopaedic Hospital

Kathleen McSchooler was tasked with the management of policies for IOH. She recognized the opportunity cost of maintaining a manual system where policies were stored on a shared drive and in binders. Staff members could not find information quickly, and it was time-consuming to do policy reviews. Since information was stored in multiple locations and maintained manually, policies also lacked consistent formatting. Read how they did it!

Jewish Hospital & St. Mary’s HealthCare

Jewish Hospital & St. Mary’s HealthCare (JHSMH) was created when two health systems joined together in 2005 – Jewish Hospital HealthCare Services and CARITAS Health Services. A growing hospital, JHSMH needed a system powerful enough to aid coordination and collaboration among departments. The hospital began implementation with PolicyStat in March 2010 in hopes of fulfilling their need to share policies, discuss best practices and centralize policies into one common repository. Read how they did it!

Georgetown Community Hospital

Georgetown Community Hospital is a 75-bed acute care facility with an award-winning history of providing excellence in healthcare. Georgetown needed a system that could facilitate their 30+ managers who were involved in writing, editing and creating policies. They needed a policy manual software to make searching quick and easy, streamline the approval process and improve policy automation and tracking.
Read how they did it!

Southwest Regional Rehabilitation Center

Southwest Regional Rehabilitation Center (SRRC), located in Battle Creek, Michigan, has been in existence since 1921. They approached PolicyStat needing a quick-to-implement solution that would dramatically reduce the amount of manual processes needed to get policies approved. With approvals going through multiple stages and lasting an average of five months, their decision to implement a policy manual software was an easy one. Read how they did it!

St. Vincent Heart Center of Indiana

St. Vincent Heart Center of Indiana (SVHCI) is an entire complex of facilities and medical specialists focused on providing advanced, specialized treatment of cardiovascular disease. In 2006, the leadership team recognized the need to replace its manual, error-prone and labor-intensive policy management process. Policy documents were being lost, and multiple versions of the same policies and procedures were being reviewed and approved concurrently. This resulted in confusion, lost productivity and overall ineffectiveness. SVHCI decided to implement the PolicyStat software to automate and streamline these processes. Read how they did it!