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Introducing the New Data Backup Service


If you’ve ever seen the reaction on the face of a teenager when you tell them the internet is down – I have, and it’s not pretty – then you know how we, as a society, value our internet connection like electricity or running water. We expect it to always be there. And for most hospitals, labs and other healthcare organizations, it is almost always there.

How does a SaaS (software-as-a-service, web-based) policy and procedure management system work when the internet is down? PolicyStat gives you two options! Keep your policies and procedures up and running even when your internet isn’t by trying the user-friendly database backup tool or by signing up for the effortless database backup service plan.

Remember your old friend, the database backup tool?
In the "Admin" tab under "Reports," you can run the PDF backup function which organizes files into folders that match an organization’s policy area/departments/categories in the PolicyStat system. For each policy or procedure (or other doc) your hospital or lab owns, the system generates a corresponding PDF file and sends it to the correct folder. Hospitals or labs can immediately share the entire policy and procedure library with the organization quickly via a local network shared area. If the local network is also unavailable, the policy library can be shared using one or more laptops until connectivity is restored.

Allow me to introduce the database backup service.
This database backup tool is available within the PolicyStat product at no additional charge; however, based upon requests from our clients, we are also offering a database backup service beginning June 1, 2011. For a reasonable charge, the PolicyStat Client Services team will periodically " weekly, monthly or quarterly, depending on your plan " generate a full PDF backup, burn it to a CD, label it and ship it to your designated client address.This service takes one task off the plate of an already busy professional and helps to ensure compliance with disaster recovery and emergency preparedness plans.

If you are a client, please contact PolicyStat to sign up or get more information on the database backup service. If you are shopping for a great (and always available) system to manage your policies and procedures, we can help you there too " just sign up for a free online demo!


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