Quality Patient Care Begins Earlier Than You Think

Many of us might think patient care begins when the patient receives a diagnosis. However, proper patient preparation, specimen collection, and sample handling are critical to quality care. The highly automated environment of today’s laboratories ensures accurate testing, so to continue increasing quality, we must shift our focus to other parts of the process. THE […]

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Is Watson the Game Changer Healthcare Needs?

IBM’s supercomputer, Watson, broke into mainstream media in 2011 when it soundly beat two humans on Jeopardy! With that win under its belt, Watson went to medical school and studied medical data, learning to diagnose patients by scanning exam books and electronic health records. Since then, Watson has spent time with medical experts and completed […]

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3 Tips to a Generationally Balanced Workforce

With increasing healthcare worker shortages and increased patient demand, healthcare organizations are forced to seek ways to recruit young workers while retaining their older counterparts. Being the newcomers to the industry, Millennials are often expected to conform to “the way things have always been done.” At the same time, the healthcare industry is undergoing rapid […]

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5 Tips to Navigate Uncertain Times

The healthcare industry is no stranger to change, or risk, or regulation. In 2017, though, uncertainty has taken on a whole new meaning. It’s anyone’s guess which regulations will be eliminated, or if bad debts will increase due to lower coverage. Now is probably not the time to place your bets on what Congress and […]

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Is Patient Satisfaction Bringing You Down?

With patient experience surveys driving provider ratings, healthcare facilities have increasingly become more customer-centric and focused on hospitality to ensure patients are happy. Sadly, many healthcare organizations have discovered that a happy patient doesn’t necessarily make a healthy patient. So, what do you do when patients ask for something you either don’t have or advise […]

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