Workplace Violence: What Can Be Done?

When a disgruntled employee commits violence in the workplace, it garners a lot of attention in the media. Meanwhile, 91 percent of violence against healthcare employees in the workplace is committed by patients and visitors, and it doesn’t make the news. In this post, we discuss why workplace assault by patients and visitors is often […]

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From Robots to 3-D: How Technology is Transforming Patient Care

Amidst political uncertainty, a shortage of healthcare workers, value-based physician payments and growing patient consumerism, a deepened need for healthcare efficiencies has emerged. Fortunately, promising technological advances are stepping up to the challenge. In this post, we’ll talk about some of our favorites. TELE-SURGERY What is it? Tele-surgery enables a robotic device under a surgeon’s […]

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Creating the Best Hazard Prevention and Response Plan for Your Facility

Identifying and eliminating hazards before employees are hurt is the number one goal of safety officers at any facility. Unfortunately, workplace injuries still occur. Adopting a preventive approach will help you greatly reduce injury rates. But how can you as the safety officer get that done? By developing a solid proactive position of protecting your […]

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5 Easy Ways to Create a Culture of Quality

WHY WORK TOWARD A CULTURE OF QUALITY? Culture is the invisible thread that binds together all those in an organization and can have a significant impact on satisfaction. In a healthcare setting, that can mean both patient satisfaction and employee job satisfaction. Four attributes are essential to achieving a culture of quality: leadership emphasis, message […]

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Quality Patient Care Begins Earlier Than You Think

Many of us might think patient care begins when the patient receives a diagnosis. However, proper patient preparation, specimen collection, and sample handling are critical to quality care. The highly automated environment of today’s laboratories ensures accurate testing, so to continue increasing quality, we must shift our focus to other parts of the process. THE […]

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