Would your staff know your policies this well?

Shock waves that hit the healthcare community from the July arrest of Salt Lake City nurse Alex Wubbels are finally calming now that the police officer who took Wubbels away from the hospital in handcuffs has been fired and his supervisor demoted. That said, administrators are still asking whether staff members would know your policies […]

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When disaster strikes, keep your data safe, operable, accessible

Clean-up continues in Texas and Florida a month after Hurricanes Harvey and Irma chased people from their homes, and people in Puerto Rico are still in desperate need of first responders to rescue them from the effects of Hurricane Maria. Times of disaster call for hospitals and health care professionals to do what they do […]

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Disruption and health care: how your organization can increase physician capacity

Throughout history, industries have been disrupted by new technology. From telephones to radios to televisions, professionals across sectors have had to adapt to survive and thrive. Some of the disruption in healthcare today include wearable devices, on-demand services, artificial intelligence and telemedicine. A commonality of the disruption of industries is reluctance to change. Electricity disrupted virtually […]

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Can’t live without it, better manage with it: regulation in health care

Regulation of the health care industry has its place, considering the stakes in the industry are life and limb. However, professionals in the field also know that sometimes oversight of the industry can be a roadblock. “Health care is one of the most regulated industries, and the rules are often old, archaic and conflicting with […]

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