Using Software Solutions to Cut Costs and Improve Efficiency in the Lab

Laboratories need to ensure they are meeting the various regulations placed on them, ranging from maintaining data integrity through safely conducting all work performed in the laboratory. With so many regulations to follow, and so many agencies to comply with, it is important that organizations capture all the necessary data and report on that data […]

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Save time. Reduce stress. Show the way.

Whether you have “a good sense of direction” or not, navigating healthcare facilities with poor, missing or overly complicated signage is frustrating. In absence of effective wayfinding, people must rely on other people for help to their destination, which can be equally frustrating, wasteful and taxing on patients’ health. In this post, we discuss problems […]

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4 Cornerstones of a Great Business

The castles of medieval Europe, the temples of ancient Greece, the Great Wall of China, the pyramids of ancient Egypt – these structures from all over the world captivate us with their awe-inspiring majesty, some centuries after they were constructed. These magnificent structures include cathedrals, bridges, pyramids, towers and more. The one element that these […]

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Acquiring brand loyalty is a journey

Healthy debate exists about which is the better brand. Is it Coke or Pepsi? Apple or Microsoft? The Yankees or the Red Sox? If you are a fan of any of the aforementioned brands, chances are, you feel strongly about it. That is what brand loyalty is all about. In this post, we’ll discuss key […]

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Becoming a leader in the lab

Laboratory managers are often promoted to their position from technical staff. You might be a brilliant scientist, outstanding at analyzing data, excellent at writing papers and ahead of your time at directing experiments, but this doesn’t guarantee you currently have the leadership and organizational skills necessary to be a good lab manager. Whether you work […]

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