Whether you are pursuing a successful Joint Commission survey, an industry certification or performance-based incentives from the government, your employees’ willingness and ability to perform their jobs well are essential to your success as a healthcare organization. What if their jobs were easier? Applying the simple customer service principle known as The Effortless Experience™ to […]

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3 Keys to Caring for the Big Spenders

For decades, Baby Boomers have proven to be powerful consumers and will continue to be the wealthiest generation for many years to come. Living an average of 10 years longer than the preceding generation while suffering from more chronic conditions that require medical oversight, Boomers’ demand for healthcare services is burgeoning. To capitalize on the […]

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Convince Your Ceo to Go Digital, and Get Some Sleep

I was recently asked, “What keeps you up at night?” Like a lot of people I know, my response was, “Everything.” Having been in the industry, I know that healthcare administrators are expected to adapt to constant regulatory and technological changes, but often are not given the resources to successfully do so. I am mindful […]

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Can TJC Cure Your Survey Blues?

Do Joint Commission surveys make your staff sick? Higher levels of stress and a visit from The Joint Commission (TJC) correlate, and occupational stress is a major contributing factor to employee illness. Beginning January 1, 2017, TJC hopes to make surveys easier for everyone. In a self-improvement initiative, TJC developed the new Survey Analysis for Evaluating […]

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HTML Editor or Word Processor? That is the Question.

I love getting the newspaper every day. There’s something nostalgic about the smell and feel of it in my hands. It also makes really cute hats, but this is where my love for paper ends, and I insist on living in the Digital Age at work. When it comes to policies and procedures, we are […]

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