Can’t live without it, better manage with it: regulation in health care

Regulation of the health care industry has its place, considering the stakes in the industry are life and limb. However, professionals in the field also know that sometimes oversight of the industry can be a roadblock. “Health care is one of the most regulated industries, and the rules are often old, archaic and conflicting with […]

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What to know about ransomware to keep from becoming a victim

Late June was a rough time for not only high profile corporations and government offices hit by malware, but also for at least two hospitals whose data was ransomed by hackers. Computers at the affected health care organizations went down when they came under the ransomware attack, and doctors and nurses had no way to […]

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The search for a cure for physician burnout

A day in the life of a physician includes an incredible array of tasks: Patient-focused duties such as regularly scheduled patient visits, emergency patient visits and follow-ups Documentation chores such as recording visits, writing up notes and writing prescription refill requests Diagnostic tasks such as reviewing lab results and X-rays Professional development efforts Business-related tasks […]

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Financial discussions belong in the doctor’s office

With the Better Care Reconciliation Act and its CBO score in the news, health care and finances are often being talked about in the same breath. The CBO expects average premiums to increase for workers before they decrease, even while out-of-pocket costs increase. Further, as the bill allows states to let health plans quit covering […]

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Using Software Solutions to Cut Costs and Improve Efficiency in the Lab

Laboratories need to ensure they are meeting the various regulations placed on them, ranging from maintaining data integrity through safely conducting all work performed in the laboratory. With so many regulations to follow, and so many agencies to comply with, it is important that organizations capture all the necessary data and report on that data […]

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