We are PolicyStat

Passionate From the Start

PolicyStat was founded by a group of successful tech entrepreneurs in the state of Indiana, who prefer to keep their anonymity. Their passion led to the hiring of the first employee. There is no debate when it comes to the management team’s desire to deliver a world-class platform that makes policies easy to find, manage and accessible to all.

iContracts recently acquired PolicyStat. (read more)

Meet our Management Team

Our Leadership Team keeps it real so you get the support you need.

We believe playing hard is the secret to great customer support. While we’ve grown, we’ve held on to the spirit of making every week a great week. Our talented and charming team is what our clients say makes us feel like part of their family.


1. First Employee of PolicyStat: Historians have long debated over who is the “real” first employee of PolicyStat. With only hearsay and no evidence, it will remain an event shrouded in mystery.