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4 Key Elements to Successfully Implement Policy and Procedure Management Software

PolicyStat is policy and procedure management software that helps you deliver better patient care. Keep policies current, get approvals more efficiently and demonstrate what happened when during surveys . Click on your facility type to learn more

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“We had an inspection yesterday, and the inspector commented on the policies – he said they were “beautiful”. I was so pleased when he asked questions about various policies and I was able to immediately find them with PolicyStat. What a great system!”-Philip at Pharmasan
“My life has become so much less chaotic, with the updating of our Policies and Forms on an easy to use system. It keeps track of both updating and archiving, and automatically notifies of needs or updates. I now have time on my hands! :)”-Sweetwater Memorial User
"There is more transparency for the associates. PolicyStat has helped us get all policies in one place, and staff can access policies whenever they want. This is a much-improved process for us."-Zach Matthews, Director of HR, St. Vincent Randolph Hospital
“Using PolicyStat has allowed us to standardize and control the uniformity of policies and procedures across our 26 sites in a way that we never thought possible. Document control is much easier for us to manage now with the use of Policystat.”– Kathy Erwin, Corporate Administrative Assistant Alverno Clinical Laboratories

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